J962N Zenith School & Women's Clinics

Nepal, Indian Subcontinent

The Situation

Education is a basic need of every child. In Nepal, poverty, ignorance and low rural adult education rates often lead to child illiteracy, early school drop out and child labour.

This project works with disadvantaged children in Kathmandu and Chitwan to support them through education. In time each child’s education impacts their family and community. Alongside education sponsorships this project aims to strengthen the education provided at their two schools through teacher training and child safe education with teachers and students.

As a part of their broader work, in-country partner COSAN runs women’s health screening camps to educate, identify and address uterine prolapse, a painful and debilitating condition common in women in rural Nepal due to the cultural expectation that women engage in heavy labouring work. These camps also screen women for cervical cancer.

The Objectives

  1.         To improve education levels among disadvantaged children in Kathmandu and Chitwan, Nepal.
  2.         To improve the reproductive health of women in Nepal’s rural communities. 

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