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Our History

In 2002, Global Development Group (GDG) was founded by Geoff Armstrong who after many years of being involved in development work saw the need for an organisation to connect the giving community in Australia to quality aid and development projects around the world.

My parents worked to relieve poverty primarily within Australian Indigenous communities and in PNG. My childhood instilled a strong heart for helping communities living in poverty across the developing world.

Before we established GDG we worked in China, Kazakhstan and Thailand, but came to see that in order to be successful we needed to have an official structure. Our motivation to start GDG was the first hand poverty and distress we had witnessed in the developing world.

- Geoff Armstrong, Executive Director

After forming in 2002, GDG’s first 3 years of operation were run from the home office and garage of Geoff and his wife Betty, with a small team of three.
By 2004, GDG had joined ACFID, achieved registration with DFAT and the ATO and was approved by the Foreign Minister and Treasury.

In 2007, GDG’s income had grown to $9 million annually. This resulted in a need to increase staff and office space so GDG moved to its current location in Rochedale South, Brisbane. In the same year Global Development Group USA was established and more recently Global Development Group New Zealand in 2018.

Since 2002, GDG has contributed over $400 million to overseas aid & development projects, impacting in excess of 10 million beneficiaries, through 1,100 projects across 50 countries.

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