A Mother's Courage

Tara is an inspirational mother and the responsible head of her household. While facing the daily challenges of living with poverty in Nepal, Tara does the best she can to keep her four children (aged two, three, six, and fourteen) in a loving family.

About a year ago, while Tara was at rock bottom in her life, BSF heard about her situation and invited her to join an 18-month family strengthening program in Chhampi, Nepal. Since that time, Tara has participated in BSF family trainings on topics such as The Role of Parents and Money Management. She has received food relief packages during the pandemic. Her children have received school supplies and had their tuition fees covered by BSF. To encourage and support the family emotionally and socially, BSF has made an effort to either visit or call Tara every week, and also provided Family Fun Day outings for the whole family every two months.

One of Tara’s biggest challenges was the financial poverty she faced day to day. She desperately wanted to provide adequate food, clothing, and education for her children but could never earn enough. After learning that Tara had skills raising livestock and that she desperately wanted to start a goat farm, BSF did some more planning and research and provided her with four goats to get started. She was so ecstatic!

After the recent birth of two new 'kids', Tara’s little herd of four goats has now grown to six! Another goat is also soon to give birth to further grow the herd and add to the family’s income source. BSF project coordinators are closely monitoring Tara’s new livelihood. They are teaching her about good management so that now she can increase her herd size and also learn to save for her children.

Tara's dignity is being restored and she is now on the road to financial sustainability. She is better able to meet the needs of her children so they can thrive in a loving family.

After the birth of her new goats, Tara expressed her joy and said, “I feel so blessed to be a part of this BSF project and to have received these goats. I will work hard to look after these goats and build my herd. I would like to thank you all for assisting me to stand on my own feet and for making a way so I can earn income to take better care of my children.”

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