Food Relief for Families in Nepal

During the recent Covid-19 surge and lockdown in Nepal, GDG partner for project J1102, Building Strong Families (BSF) provided families with much needed food relief. 

A second wave of COVID-19 has hit Nepal which has led to an extremely challenging time for many. Project coordinators, Alisha and Amos, stayed connected with BSF families during the second wave via phone and soon became aware that many were really struggling at this time and needed some urgent relief.

Because families were unable to go to work due to the restrictions, they were unable to earn money to support themselves. They soon ran short of food and had little to eat. BSF decided to support the beneficiary families of Chhampi and Sunakothi with special food relief packages to get them through this challenging period until they can return to work.

On the 27th May 2021, a BSF team provided each family with 25kg of rice, pulses, chickpeas, green peas, a packet of salt, sugar, cooking oil, beaten rice and hand washing soap (4 small packets).

Upon receiving the relief packages, the families were all surprised and delighted. They all thanked BSF and the whole team.

One of the beneficiaries, Dukta, said, "This is like a dream to me. Some minutes ago, I was worried about how I would feed my family, but after you arrived with food packages, I am overwhelmed. Receiving this food relief package was so unexpected. I am so thankful to you all for showing this kindness to me and my family.”

Mina Bista, a mother from a BSF family, called the next day to say, “I am so thankful to the BSF team who have helped us during this crisis. Even during this unfavourable situation, the team risked their lives and came out to help us. We were struggling and almost ran out of food but now we have all the food that we need. Thank you.”

Fifteen families with over 60 beneficiaries were supported with relief packages at this time.

We would like to thank BSF project partner team in Nepal, and especially Amos and Alisha. At risk to themselves, they coordinated and carried out this challenging relief effort during the pandemic.

While BSF's focus is on the development and sustainability of families, there are times like these when we need to come to the aid of those who are facing extreme and unexpected hardships.

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