The Situation

Our mission is to empower young people in Uganda to think for themselves by building a mindset of education and growth.

Uganda is among the poorest countries and richest countries in the world. They are rich in natural resources and culture although they are poor in education, knowledge, and economics.

Uganda is home to 45 million people, half of them are under the age of 15. Not all children go to school, there are high numbers of children who are sold into marriage, sold for slavery, trafficked, orphaned and even unable to attend school due to availability or travel expenses. The number of teenage pregnancies sprouted up due to the Covid pandemic, so there is a need to teach the teenagers family planning methods. Some of them have become single mothers at a very young age and others are contracting HIV and other STDs.

Some children are even starting school at the age of 15, these children are not able to register into Secondary school as they have never been to school before and are not at the right educational level to be in the correct year according to their age.

The Objectives

Our main objective is to contribute to poverty reduction, education accessibility and improved literacy levels for disadvantaged children and youth in Kungu & surrounding districts.

Kira Nurturing Foundation Uganda was established in 2022 with the aim to carry out our objectives and reach our goals starting in Kungu.

Kungu is 30 kilometres from the main city Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Kungu has 11 schools separated into 2 areas. There are 4 schools in the Buwuzuume area and 7 schools in the Kiryamuli area. There is an estimation of 1400 homesteads in both areas. We will be starting our objective by reading to the classrooms and introducing library books to the schools. Secondly we will introduce the library lending boxes to the classrooms and a mobile library system. 


  • Provide resources for children to learn to read and write at an early age to have the ability to attend school at the right age.
  • Introduce the library lending initiative for everyone to learn literacy, reduce poverty by providing for themselves and future generations.
  • Build a library sustainable by donating books from overseas and for the community to establish and manage the library from the learning initiatives of going to school early and learning to lend a book.

To achieve these outcomes, we need to make communities aware that literature is most important in their education at home, school and in the community. We are going to bring the resources to the homes/schools/communities of the children when they are young so they can learn literacy. To do this we will ship secondhand books to Uganda from Australia to build the libraries for education accessibility.

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