The Situation

The Modern Vocational Training Program is an education-focused development project between Global Development Group, Project World and Community Woman & Children Matters Aid-Uganda (CWCMA-Uganda).

The program is working with rural communities in the Budaka Dsitrict of Uganda to help build Sustainable Communities.

The Objectives

  1. Provision of vocational training and assisting in the development of a local primary school.
  2. Community-based training programs and courses have been designed to give skills and opportunities to local beneficiaries for employment or to develop micro-business opportunities.
  3. Development of a primary education program in this rural area will promote opportunities for all children in the community.
  4. Provide holistic-support to widows and vulnerable & malnourished children.
  5. Promote community WASH initiatives including the establishment of water wells resulting in clean drinking water for local beneficiaries.

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