J954N The Kisoro Project

Uganda, Africa

The Situation

The Batwa people of Kisoro, Uganda, are one of the most disadvantaged people in the world. Hunter gatherers evicted from their ancestral home and expected to survive on the outskirts of towns with no education and no access to health services, their numbers have diminished greatly.


The Objectives

 1. Education

The project is currently sending 41 children to school. They have adapted well to their new environment and are well-accepted. There are plans to be able to board them in the near future.

 2. Medical

This project provides medical treatment for the Batwa, resulting in the infant mortality rate being dramatically reduced and an overall improvement in the health of the children. In fact the health of the whole village has improved substantially. 

 3. Agriculture

The project strives to ensure a reliable food supply for the village by planting crops on the small amount of land available.

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