Jireh Uganda reaches out to bring a future and hope to marginalised and destitute people in three remote rural villages in Uganda. Relying on the generosity of donors, Jireh Uganda delivers a range of sustainable programs, empowering and transforming the lives of impoverished widows, widowers, the elderly, orphans and vulnerable children, the disabled and people suffering with HIV Aids.

Income-generating programs

Jireh Uganda’s Kampala based staff work alongside local leaders in three remote rural villages, Kisiita, Mugobwa and Wakisanyi. Jireh Uganda brings destitute and disabled people a future and hope by supporting them to break the poverty cycle through sustainable income-generating activities. Impoverished village people are provided with startup finance and training so they can set up local business enterprises or small-scale animal husbandry and agricultural ventures.

Orphans and vulnerable children

As funding becomes available, Jireh Uganda supports orphans and vulnerable children to access education, something which would otherwise be beyond their reach, thereby helping break the poverty and illiteracy cycle and providing these children with a hope and a future. Children are supplied with school equipment, uniforms and food.

Visit the Jireh Uganda website to find more information about our transforming programs in Uganda – https://jirehuganda.org

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