J1140N Watume Education Programme

Uganda, Africa

The Situation

Why Focus on Education?

With over 50% of Uganda’s population under the age of 16, and little or no government investment in education in Northern Uganda, schools are an essential component to the future development of any community. More so when the education is based on Biblical principles and teaching.

While primary education is supposed to be free in Uganda, the schools still charge parents a Parent Teachers Association fee, which many in rural areas especially cannot afford. Even if children can attend school, the standards of education in Kamdini schools are so poor that children have little hope of qualifying to attend secondary school. To have any hope of attending post-secondary education, children have to be able to attend a decent boarding secondary school, which are all situated in towns far from their home area and are too expensive for their families to afford. Children just can’t dream of a future that looks any different from the subsistence farming that their parents do to survive.

 The Objectives

Global Christian Academy

In response to a request from local community leaders, in February 2019 Global Christian Academy Kindergarten section was opened, with approximately 65 children in attendance.

 The new academic year opened successfully in February 2020 with the children all promoted to the next higher class and new ones recruited for Baby Class. Sadly the school was closed in March 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. Schools were not opened again until the end of January 2022 and classes have begun for Kindergarten, Primary 1 and Primary 2.  

School Building Project

Using funds donated in 2020/2021 by Canadian donors, a ten-acre piece of land was secured in April 2021. It is situated half a kilometre from the borrowed church building where Global Christian Academy first began. 

 Plans are being drawn up and building will commence in 2022 as funds permit. 

Community Development

In addition to providing quality affordable education, other initiatives are being undertaken in this needy community will build socio economic sustainability to provide a stable and secure future.

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