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J919N Empower Project Tanzania.

Tanzania, Africa

Project Description


Imagine if there was a way to empower people to lift themselves out of poverty and bring prosperity to their entire community?

In rural Tanzania life is tough. Nearly 40 million people live in villages and rely on dry land farming, with the majority living in poverty. Despite their hard work, farmers struggle to provide for their families. They lack the equipment and expertise to maximise the potential of their fertile land.

The staple crop is Maize (corn), but average yield across the country is only 0.4 tonnes per acre. Around 10% of yields in the United States, despite better soil and climate. Their traditional farming methods degrade the soil and they lack access to improved farming systems.

Our goal is to provide them with the training and machinery to unlock the economic potential of their land. An average Tanzanian village has more than 2,000 acres of usable land. If we can empower local farmers to improve their yields to 2 tonnes per acre, this would bring more than $400,000 additional income annually to their village. This would help lift the entire community out of poverty.


At the request of community leaders from many village areas, Tiamoyo Empower Project was established to empower farmers to fund their future by bringing agricultural economic development to their villages.

This project has been developed in consultation with village leaders, many small and large scale farmers, with agronomists and produce exporters. This project will partner with village leaders and farmers in two ways:

Imported and up-cycled West Australian farming equipment to manufacture Zero-till planter machines specifically designed to meet the requirements of local grower groups and rugged conditions of Tanzania.

Agricultural experts, connecting local growers with the latest in Conservation Agriculture practices. This training program starts with empowering local farmers to identify the best markets and decide on the most profitable crops to grow. A management system is then designed to give them the best results. This involves training them in skills that include sourcing good seed, weed and pest management and Zero-till planting to maximise their rich land.
If you desire to see people lift their own communities out of poverty, please consider how you can help grow this impact. Please consider the 3 levels below to help us empower farmers to fund Tanzania’s future.


SEEDERS invest in providing the seed to grow. $100 of crop inputs in the form of a micro-finance loan, can turn into over $500 of marketable grain each growing season.

PREPARERS invest in the developing the expertise of local farmers. $500 can fund a seminar to train 50 local farmers in Conservation Agriculture.

PLANTERS invest in the equipment local farmers need to unlock the potential of their land. $10,000 will purchase a Zero-till Planter for a local village; capable of planting 2,000 acres per year, potentially earning over $400,000 per season. This is also a in the form of a micro-finance loan, that is repaid at the end of harvest, allowing your gift to keep on growing.


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