A Forever Family

Restituta’s is one of so many stories turned around through project J735N Forever Projects: Nutrition, Empowerment and Independence in Tanzania. The project aims to prevent malnutrition and starvation of newborn babies, improve family incomes and the health and quality of life for families in the project. This year, 225 new families have enrolled with a total of 262 babies receiving nutrition, leading to 84% of caregivers having more confidence about their child’s future. 217 women received business skills training and 52 were set up in businesses, improving the lives of 1528 people.

Emergency care of babies and reunification or adoption is also a focus of the J301N Our Neighbours Community Project in Zimbabwe. Additionally, the project improves the lives of street children by providing a home until they can be reunited with family. In the face of critical water and food shortages in Bulawayo, the project’s farm aims to provide resources for their outreach to the homeless, elderly and vulnerable who receive nutrition and care. During the COVID-19 crisis the project has reached 710 families in 5 underserved communities with food relief, blankets, masks and information on how to protect themselves from the virus.

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