J1102 CHFN-BSF Family Intervention Projects Nepal

Nepal, Indian Subcontinent

The Situation

An estimated 8 million children are living in orphanages and residential care around the world. About 80% of these children have living parents. Building Strong Families (BSF) aims to prevent the relinquishment of children to orphanages in Asia by loving and often well-meaning parents who are facing poverty or financial hardship.

Through strategic partnerships, this project provides holistic strengthening opportunities for at-risk families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children so more children can remain in a strong, loving and sustainable family. Holistic strengthening opportunities include: income generation assistance & livelihood support, parent/caregiver training, health and nutrition support, education assistance, family fun day outings, counselling, home visitations, building awareness of existing support services, and ongoing monitoring and follow-up.

Every child deserves a safe, loving and nurturing family in which to thrive and call home. Building Strong Families hopes to give more children this opportunity.

The Objectives

  1. To contribute to reducing family separation and the relinquishment of children to orphanages in Nepal, by empowering and building stronger sustainable families. 
  2. To see families in Nepal show increased stability, as shown by positive outcomes in 4 key areas: Livelihood, Health, Education and Family Strengthening. 

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