The Mbarali District is one of the most isolated rural precincts in Tanzania. This results in a lack of infrastructure, widespread poverty, poor education access, and underemployment among its pastoralist families. The local landowners have property and own cattle as the primary unit of ‘wealth’ and even a future income source (e.g., dairy farming and products), yet live in poverty and thatched huts without basic services. With negligible incomes, their families are destitute, and their children are malnourished and uneducated.

What can be done?

ENCOR has focused on establishing rapport with the local community by developing social cohesion, supporting essential infrastructure (e.g., water supply) and building the capacities of women within local villages. Over generations, women have struggled to attend school and contribute to both the decision making and the economy of their communities. This has resulted in a lack of know-how, without access to resources and opportunity.

 This project will spend the next three building community capacities by:

1.      Growing a women’s network of small groups meeting fortnightly for personal and professional training, and support of micro business initiatives (e.g., cheesemaking, sour milk, water kiosk).

2.      Offering community support and training services via clean water and WASH training.

3.      Providing essential cattle infrastructure and services including cattle dips, water troughs and cattle breeding for dairy cows.

4.      Strengthening and advocating partnerships able to provide access to local education initiatives and secondary school opportunities for girls.

Who can you trust?

ENCOR (Enadupoi Community Revival Org) is a locally based NGO led by Milla Kashu, a former leader within the Maasai Women Development Organisation. Milla has a passion to help local women and families take up the responsibilities of caring for their homes and their families but with a full understanding that this takes time, support and training. She is in it for the long haul and would love to believe that many others, just like you, share her values and vision. 

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