J681N Likamba Community Development Project

Tanzania, Africa

The Situation

Likamba is a small village which is located approximately 16 km on the West of Arusha in northern Tanzania and about 5 Km north of small township of Kisongo from Dodoma road. This village has a population size of about 10 000 people that lives in scattered family groups across the landscape.

The Maasai tribe who are mainly engaged in subsistence livestock keeping and small agricultural pursuits predominantly inhabit Likamba.

A main activity of this project is to improve the capacity of teachers and management at the school. The Joshua Foundation (TJF) are conducting this training and mentorship. This mentorship program consists of education consultancy for both school management/board members and also teachers. The teachers will receive an intensive week’s training in TJF’s school where teaching methods and techniques are taught and modeled. The teacher then returns and puts this training into practice at Likamba Integrity School. TJF will also provide training for the school board and management to increase their capacity to run the school. This will be achieved through monthly visits by mentors from TJF and continual mentorship and guidance. 

The Objectives

  1. To provide quality education for the community of Likamba
  2. To improve the quality of education and management of Likamba Integrity School

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