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J489N Oasis Africa Australia Development Project.

Africa, Kenya

Project Description

Oasis Africa focuses on providing access to quality education. We support both boys and girls equally, through offering High School and University Scholarships. We bridge the gap between the inequality faced by slum-based students to access High School & Tertiary education, despite their current financial and social circumstances.

Our purpose centres around “Freedom from Poverty through Education”. Knowing that sending a child to High School is too expensive for most slum-based parents, there was a clear gap that needed to be filled. The financial burden of High School fees is great, but the desperate desire for education of many smart, driven kids living in the slum is equally as great. You can fill this gap by providing a student with a scholarship that includes; full school fees, board/accommodation, class materials, school uniforms and personalised mentoring focusing on leadership and social development.

The student scholarship program provides a key step to breaking the poverty cycle for these children, their families and the community. The students gain highly employable skills through advanced education, trade or business qualifications, putting them in the most favourable position to be significant income earners in the future.

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