Education through the Air Waves

Global Development Group and Irene Gleeson Foundation (IGF) marked 15 years of partnership in 2021, while In-Country Project Manager John-Paul Kiffasi celebrated 20 years in leadership.

No cases of COVID-19 were detected in their northern Ugandan community, however the J747 projects’ educational facilities needed to close from March til October. On-air classes were delivered with over 120 lesson periods broadcast in support of students from the project’s four primary schools’ ongoing learning.

Throughout the pandemic, the projects’ Mighty Fire FM radio station has become a vital source of information, providing education and information in support of the Government’s COVID-19 taskforce. In partnership with other NGOs including UNICEF, UN and others, talk-shows and awareness campaigns were broadcast, providing guidance and education throughout the community on child rights and domestic abuse. Local Government leaders praised the initiative, agreeing that the radio will not only keep members of the community up to date with local and national news, but also help to keep them entertained and provide a source of comfort during this difficult time.

With over 500 students enrolled in the building, tailoring, carpentry and mechanics courses, it’s impressive that 50% of graduates from Business and Technical Schools were gainfully employed in the local economy in the recent period.

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