J1086N Sign Language and Disability Rights Awareness Support Services

Uganda, Africa

The Situation

Sherinah’s New Hope for Children with Disability (SNH) was established to help disabled children with special needs be able to utilize their gifts and talents by supporting them both in their physical needs and in their education and skill development. Wherever possible SNH aims to assist these children become more autonomous as adults, and help them with their chances to contribute back to the community either with obtaining gainful employment, or volunteering their time to help other disabled or deaf youth.

The Objectives

  1. Provide career guidance and counselling via the skill training centre
  2. Provision of cooking and meals and also cooking lessons
  3. Creating awareness in the able bodied community that disability is not inability
  4. Advocacy and lobbying for inclusion in special needs schools for inclusive education
  5. Sign language training for the deaf and their carers
  6. Vocation and skill development training
  7. Train disabled teens on leadership and management skills to enable them to become more self- sufficient
  8. Grow fruit and vegetables on site and future micro agricultural projects that the families can benefit from
  9. Integrate disabled children into general society through interactive activities with other children in the local community
  10. Change the prejudice against deaf and disabled children to promote compassion, respect, kindness and inclusion

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