J882N Be Educated Now

Kenya, Africa

The Situation

J882N Be Educated Now (B.E.N) works to relieve poverty and transform the lives of disadvantaged girls in Kenya through education, life skills and empowerment. Poverty for women in Kenya is related to a lack of economic opportunity and independence, lack of access to economic resources and lack of participation in decision-making processes. Moreover, there are numerous cultural impediments for women in enhancing their economic standing. B.E.N provides an educational facility that moves beyond the traditional education system by focusing on the skills required for vulnerable girls to escape the cycle of poverty. In ensuring an education for the 21st century, BEN focuses on essential business, entrepreneurial and emerging skills. Participation in BEN is practical based and facilitates a process of learning where students’ ideas are transformed into new products and services that people need


The Objectives

To advance the position of disadvantaged women in Kenya, this project will establish and operate an educational facility that provides practical skills based learning and vocational training in conjunction with a boarding residential facility that provides a home for students to focus on their educational pursuits without the stress of the home environment and cultural expectations. The practical based aspect of the education includes skills, values and an identity focus.

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