J314 HopeBuilders Uganda

Uganda, Africa

The Situation

HIV & AIDS are having a widespread impact on many African communities. Around 6 million men & women have died due to HIV/Aids, leaving 2.6 million children orphaned. Many of these are homeless and living on the streets, vulnerable to abuse, crime and prostitution.

When orphans have no one to advocate or care for them they are the target for abuse. In the rural areas of Uganda children are also often targeted for kidnapping and are abducted by rebel groups, thus adding to the cycle of crime, poverty and violence. Many of these children have little or no chance of education at a basic level with vocational training very limited and rare amongst high risk orphans. This situation is heightened for children with disabilities, these children are highly marginalised in Uganda.

The Objectives

  1. To consolidate and grow the provision of emergency accommodation and relief to homeless orphans and widows in the Jinja District, with a view to eventual resettlement back into the community (Village of Hope)
  2. To develop capacity and infrastructure to provide therapy, care and education for orphans and children with disabilities and especially for their families and communities (Home of Hope)
  3. To provide education, vocational training and employment opportunities for the beneficiaries of the Village of Hope and the broader community (Youth Support Uganda/Village of Hope)
  4. To help develop and establish local micro enterprises which will provide employment for beneficiaries as well as a sustained income for the project
  5. To develop transition processes and programs (that may include housing) for independent beneficiaries to re-establish back into the community, as independent responsible citizens

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