J794 Hope Education

Kenya, Africa

The Situation 

Hope Education believes that education provides the foundation for economic growth and self-development, bringing with it additional benefits in health, governance, gender equality, stability and security.

Whilst enrolment in primary education in developing regions has reached 91%, it does not guarantee that children are receiving a quality education. Over the past 10 years, HOPE: Global have witnessed many teachers and professionals that haven’t attained a sufficient level of education to do their jobs; and the impact that this has had on the recipients. Teachers are teaching children who have not finished secondary school themselves, or professionals not having the knowledge or resources to work more efficiently.

HOPE: Global Education seeks to provide on-going support for professional development, including both pre- and in-service training. Pre-service teacher training in education institutions is sometimes overly theoretical and rarely practice-based, so school based training is now often seen as more effective in developed and developing countries alike. However, regardless of their initial training or lack of training, every teacher needs to engage in on-going professional development to meet the changing needs of learners. Teachers who are constantly learning and improving tend to support their students’ achievements most effectively, especially when provided with school-based training.  

The Objectives

  1. Hope Education provides ongoing teacher training and mentoring in both the educational and vocational space, working in partnership with local organisations, governments and training institutions across Rwanda, Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda and India. The vision of the Hope Education program is to see the quality of education increased through training such that many more of the world’s children are equipped and empowered to determine their own future and participate in the global community.
  2. Each year the Hope Education program gathers professionals who wish to volunteer 2-3 weeks of their time to train others in a developing country. Volunteers are placed within teams with specific training goals with the aim to help the Hope Education program achieve its international development goals.

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