J939N Kingdom Son’s Academy

Kenya, Africa

The Situation

Kenya is a country in East Africa with a population of nearly 40 million people made up of over 40 different tribes and people groups. On the Human Development Index, Kenya rates 128 out of 167 which puts it in the lowest category. In 1999, the Government of Kenya drafted a National Poverty Eradication Plan (NPEP) in order to tackle the growing and widespread rate of poverty in the country. This plan was in conjunction with the International Development Goals and sought to address the accessibility of education, amongst other pressing issues that exacerbated poverty. Providing accessible education to a child can have the power to break the generational cycle of poverty in a family. Kingdomsons Academy seeks to address the need for secondary school education in the region of Kipkaren River, Kenya as presently the school only offers until Year 8.

The Objectives

  • To contribute to the accessibility of quality education in Kenya and provide all-round knowledge that can benefit the community of Kipkaren, Kenya.


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