The Situation

The Namanjalala region, where Kitale House of Hope is situated, has a population of approximately 25,000. It is estimated that only 9,000 are over the age of 18 because of the high incidence of HIV/AIDS, STD’s and substance abuse. 40% have some level of primary education; 20% have some level of secondary education, and only 10% have any tertiary education. There is a great need to develop a primary school where a good primary education is on offer to local children. 

In many instances the young girls, who are responsible for the care of younger siblings, are forced into prostitution. The young boys, with limited or no work opportunities get involved in substance abuse, which leads to violence and death. 

Trans-Nzoia County, though considered the food basket of the county has a very high level of poverty. According to the census of 2009, about half of the population are illiterate and Kwanza sub-county, where the project is situated, tops both the poverty index at 68% and illiteracy level at 54%.Tribal wars, HIV Aids, Illiteracy and poverty have all contributed to the high number of children in need of care and protection.

Orphans and vulnerable children are vulnerable to child labour, child prostitution, child trafficking and gender and sexual based violence. Many are starving due to lack of parental care. Stigma is rampant. Many are discriminated against, especially those whose parents died of AIDS.

Education, training, good nutrition and health care will contribute to breaking the poverty cycle in the local community and thus increase the opportunity for development.

The Objectives

  • To eradicate illiteracy and increase access to education, health and other essential services for the Children in Trans-Nzoia county
  • Orphans and vulnerable children are off the streets, receiving education, are empowered and given the means to achieve their potential and become productive members of society
  • To provide a refuge and rehabilitation centre for vulnerable pregnant teens and support their education

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