J607N LSO - Learn Without Fear

Kenya, Africa

The Situation

Little Sports Organisation is based on Australian Little Athletics and was founded in 2008 by Michael Flynn. There are currently child attendances of 12,000 children per week from 25 primary schools to the LSO ‘Sports & Life-Skill’ program. It also has 50 Kenyans on its payroll.

LSO provids sports equipment, community jobs and development through its organised and value based Sport for Development program.LSO has great ambitions for rolling out its cheap, scalable and highly effective model to more children in Kenya, Africa and beyond and is seeking new partners to enable it to reach as many children as possible with the message of peace and the right to play.

The Objectives

  1. To develop children through Sports and Life-Skill sessions.
  2. To shape the next generation of Kenyan citizens to be more alert, expressive and exposed to safe learning environments.
  3. To create accountable sports business management structures & create jobs.

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