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J807N Syria Emergency Relief Project.

Syria, Middle East

Project Description

We can end hunger but only if we end conflicts. The vicious cycle of conflict and hunger must be broken if we are to achieve a world where everyone has enough to eat. Conflict forces millions of people to abandon their land, homes and jobs — putting them at risk of hunger or even famine. At the same time, hunger may contribute to conflict when coupled with poverty, unemployment or economic hardship. The message from the World Food Programme is simple: end the conflicts and we can end hunger.

“We have far too much violence and conflict, and that is why we have more people who are hungry and in need of assistance. I call on the people in power, the people with guns, to stop the fighting now.

“I saw [people’s] wounds with my own eyes and I heard their stories with my own ears. They were frightened, hungry and malnourished after enduring a nightmare that most people cannot even imagine. If we are truly going to end hunger, we must stop this kind of inhumanity.” David Beasley, WFP Executive Director

Despite our best efforts at curbing world hunger – conflict is still raising the number of food insecure people in the world. Of the 821 million hungry people on the planet, 60 percent of them live in war zones and 75 percent of all stunted children live in countries scarred by conflict. The problem is getting worse – with the number of conflicts around the world at an all-time high. #ZeroHunger

Project Description

More than seven years of war in Syria have pushed millions of people into hunger and poverty. Today, 6.5 million Syrians don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

A degree of stability in many parts of the country is allowing displaced families to return to their homes. However, many find their houses destroyed and livelihoods gone. Conflict-related damage and extreme weather have brought agricultural production to its lowest point in three decades.

Alongside continuing to provide food assistance to some 3 million people, WFP is supporting Syrians in secure areas rebuild their livelihoods and restore assets damaged in the war.

Nevertheless, WFP is currently struggling to meet the urgent food needs of more than five million displaced people in Syria and in neighbouring countries every month. Due to funding shortfalls in Syria, WFP has already been forced to reduce the calories in the food basket. Please help today.

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