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Have you heard of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)?

ACFID unites 131 of Australia’s international development organisations to strengthen their collective impact against poverty. ACFID have a Code of Conduct that all ACFID member organisations are a signatory to. The purpose of the Code is to improve international development and humanitarian action outcomes and increase stakeholder trust by enhancing the transparency, accountability and effectiveness of ACFID's members. The code covers best practice for development work overseas, as well as fundraising and good governance in Australia.

The Code is governed by an independent and voluntary Code of Conduct Committee whose role is to monitor adherence to the Code, as well as grant, suspend and revoke signatory status, monitor organisations’ compliance assessment to the code and investigating complaints.

We’re proud that GDG’s very own Greg Cadman (Compliance Manager) has been on the Code of Conduct Committee for the past 6 years!

Greg’s time on the Committee has just finished and we’re proud to announce that Josh Edwards (Senior Project Officer) has been elected to join the Committee for 2021.

Josh is looking forward to continuing to develop, administer, promote and educate on the Code during his stint on the Committee.

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