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J1033N Recruitment and Training of Disadvantaged Youth in Cambodia.

Cambodia, Asia

Project Description

Digital Divide Data (DDD) is a non-profit, social enterprise with a mission to create better futures for economically excluded youth through employment and education. DDD identifies talented but underserved youth in Africa and Asia to enter formal employment, undergo professional training and skills development, and pursue tertiary education. Since its founding in 2001, DDD has globally trained and supported over 6,000 youth, increasing their lifetime earnings by a projected total of more than US$350 million.

In Cambodia, the biggest challenge is the lack of access to quality jobs in the formal sector. Because of low educational attainment and inadequate professional skills, the underserved youth in the country often find themselves unemployed or employed in the informal sector where they typically earn low wages, and are deprived of benefits, job security, and social protection. Moreover, they remain in the intergenerational poverty that keeps them from escaping subsistence living.

In response, through DDD’s social impact model youth enter formal employment at DDD where they are trained to deliver commercial Business

Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, including digital content creation, data preparation, machine learning, and cloud computing services to global clients. At the same time, youth are provided with professional training and skills development and the opportunity to pursue higher education. This model, established by DDD in 2001, is now called Impact Sourcing, and has been implemented by dozens of firms around the world.

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