The Situation

 The children that come to the Sunrise Cambodia have often been trafficked into prostitution, slave labor, begging rings, illegal adoption rings, are victims of domestic violence due to parental alcoholism or drug dependency, abandoned in hospitals by their families, disabled or live on the streets to survive. As a result, they are in great need emotionally and physically when they arrive at Sunrise.

The Objectives

  1. Sunrise Cambodia operates a residential centre for at-risk children, giving 24/7 care to more than 50 children. At Sunrise these children are rehabilitated from their terrible situation in life, and provided a home, food, clothing, government school, medical and dental care, English, Mandarin and computer lessons, classes in music, art, dance and sport, but more important of all, love.
  2. Provide university studies in Cambodia when they pass Grade 12 and cover other living costs for them outside Sunrise for these students. The students who do not pass are given vocational training courses in car repair, air conditioning maintenance, plumbing, electricity, printing, administration, management, hospitality and beauty.
  3. In addition, Sunrise supports more than 400 disadvantaged community children from neighboring villages. Their parents are often very poor rice farmers, who cannot provide their children such a good start in life. At Sunrise they receive the same educational opportunities as residential children and return home at the end of the day to live with their families.

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