J1041N The Freedom Keys Research Project

Australia, Oceania

Why is modern slavery (or human trafficking) still a problem?

The Freedom Keys Research Project takes a critical look at the strategies to address modern slavery over the past two decades, asking the tough questions about why those strategies have not ended the problem. We also generate innovative approaches that may be more effective over the next two decades. The project networks with other anti-trafficking workers and organisations globally to validate those innovative ideas, and we publish our findings in academic journals as well as through practitioner networks.

The three primary goals are to ...

  1. Contribute to a new way of thinking and project design for anti-slavery initiatives
  2. Implement and evaluate one or two pilot projects in partnership with existing anti-slavery organisations outside Australia to act as a proof-of-concept for the new intervention approaches
  3. Encourage, equip and inspire leaders in anti-slavery organisations to continue their work.

This project is an initiative of Turning Teardrops Into Joy, founded by Matthew C. Clarke and Annabella Rossini-Clarke. For more information, see https://www.turningteardropsintojoy.com/freedom-keys

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