J1006N Transforming Dumpsite Communities

Philippines, Southeast Asia

The Situation

Transforming Dumpsite Communities in partnership with Poverty No More targets poor and disadvantaged communities in Manila, Philippines. In these communities, the people eat the food waste they find in the trash they scavenge on dumpsites outside Manila. The locals have no alternatives for a livelihood, and are at-risk of preventable diseases, lack of clean food and water and access to education.

The project aims to give people in these communities the opportunity to get an education and employment so they can escape their severe poverty cycle. Education scholarships will be provided for kids and young adults to attend school or university. Deep well bores with high quality water filters will be installed to provide greater access to clean water, plus toilet and shower blocks. Once a week feeding program to provide nutritious meals for up to 500 children and aim to set up regular mobile clinics to provide on-site medication and contraceptives to reduce health issues.

The Objectives

  1. Reduction of health risks in children and adults addressing food and water quality and availability, and access to medical assistance. 
  2. Improved access to education, school attendance and opportunities for higher education by providing scholarships.

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