J999N Captivating Philippines - Stop Trafficking/Empower Women

Philippines, Southeast Asia

The Situation

The cybersex industry is a billion-dollar business worldwide. And it is expanding in developing countries such as the Philippines, where more children are being abused due to rampant poverty and a growing cyber network.

Philippines based HONOR 1000 Movement and Captivating Australia Limited aims to address three key components of these problems: (1) the underlying reason people are at risk – poverty. We currently operate Microfinance solutions across four key trafficking hot-spot locations, empowering in excess of 2,000 at-risk women and their families. These programs are already self-sustainable. We aim to expand this program subject to financial support; (2) prevention through education – we are implementing cyber-safety and cybersex prevention education sessions to groups of children and parents from strategically selected schools and impoverished community locations. We aim to expand this program significantly to impact thousands and create a groundswell of attitudinal change; and (3) we are addressing what is a clear gap in the Human Trafficking inception and rescue programs of many countries – genuine and sustainable after-care of trafficking victims. We have current capacity to care for and rehabilitate up to 30 victims at any one time – with plans to expand this if resources allow.

The Objectives

  1. Provide women the opportunity to transform and improve their lives through employment, education and empowerment.
  2. Promote sustainability via income generating activities such as social enterprise and microfinance.
  3. Educate at-risk families and children in the risks of human trafficking to increase their understanding and ability to avoid potential risks.

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