J865N The Widows Cause Development Project India

India, Indian Subcontinent

The Situation

Capacity building is investing in people. Global Development Group projects always seeks to grow the capacities of target communities and encourage self-help and sustainable change. Project J865N The Widows Cause Development Project is empowering almost 650 widows and dependent children in Chennai.

India has 46 million widows. Approximately 75% are in need and 1 in 7 is destitute.

TWC believes Indian widows are made for more than lives where they are marginalised, exploited and abused. Project J865N is committed to breaking the poverty cycle in the lives of needy widows and their children.

The Objectives

  1. Provide interest free repayable loans which enable widows to start up businesses with the aim of making them economically independent in time. Local teams identify the widows and assess their needs. Once capabilities and the feasibility of the projects are assessed, loans between $150 – $250 are advanced. This is repaid in monthly installments, generally over 12 months. Second and third loans maybe given once the first loan is repaid after further assessment. Training and ongoing supervision and encouragement is provided for the length of the loan.
  2. “It is an opportunity not charity, which puts responsibility and purpose back on the widow to make it life changing. A sense of ownership and purpose gives them hope for a brighter future for them and their children” says Gay Canham founder of The Widows Cause.

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