J490N Noble Endeavours Community Development Project

Philippines, Southeast Asia

The Situation

The Noble Endeavours Community Development project is a multi-faceted development project aimed at improving the livelihood of the people living in Minuyongan village. Located in the isolated foothills of the Central Mindanao region of the Philippines, Minuyongan village lies at the heart of a tribal community in great need. The village and surrounding areas support a population of 18,000 people – existing without the provision of any government infrastructure whatsoever (i.e. education, health facilities etc).

Noble Endeavours is partnering with the local community to provide purified water, education, health, dental care and employment opportunities. The first completely free school was established in 2008 and our plan is to continue adding to this school until a full primary school and high school exist in the region. Health services have also been established. The first water purification plant has recently been installed providing pure water – another first in the region.

The Objectives

  1.  Support primary level education for disadvantaged children in the isolated Minuyongan village.
  2. Improve health and hygiene in the 5 barangays surrounding the project in Mindanao. Medical, birthing and dental care to be provided from the NE community system and providing access to clean drinking water through NE clean purified water systems. 

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