J799 Child Nutrition and Tuition Centre Project

India, Indian Subcontinent

The Situation

Education is a great asset that empowers people to achieve a better position in life. A healthy, nurturing and stimulating environment enhances a child’s motivation, achievements and well-being at school. Therefore, the ability of parents to provide such an environment for their children is paramount. However, parents in the target area face many challenges, including poverty, limited education and skills. Most of the parents are daily workers employed in unorganized sectors such as agriculture, construction work and garbage collection/disposal etc. They spend most of their time at work or in search of it while the children are left alone after their school without being monitored. These factors directly and indirectly affect their ability to care for children, and also influence children’s educational development.

Though government run schools offer education at a very minimal cost, the standard maintained in the schools is very low. Such schools often face many problems such as limited availability of teachers, teacher absenteeism and lack of educational infrastructure. Many marginalized people in target area cannot afford to educate their children in private schools which provide better quality of education. Children in these households often drop out of schools as a result of poor academic performance and their family’s financial restrictions where they cannot even afford to buy them school uniforms, shoes or books.

The Objectives

  1. 70 students belonging to the age group of 4 to 12 years. Beneficiaries are identified based on predefined criteria including financial and family background and other factors specific to the target area.
  2. All students provided with after school tutoring classes, as well as a nutrition program to improve their health.

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