J1202N Balibo WASH Project

Timor-Leste, Southeast Asia

The Situation

Lack of safe water is a major contributor to high deaths rates of children under five in Timor Leste and the community experiences extreme water shortages and the existing damaged pipe is limiting flows.

Water is a scarce resource and many hours are spent collecting and carrying poor quality water to families each day. Providing easily accessible purified water to the town will reduce the burden of water collection, often undertaken by women and children, and remove the need to boil water as well, allowing more time to be dedicated to other activities. The project will see health benefits, community benefits and employment and training for local community members.

The Objectives

The major objective is to provide better access to essential water supplies in poor communities, and in schools and health centres, so that women, men and children can achieve better health and live healthy and productive lives. This project seeks to impact 6 village groups of around 1200 people and 4 schools.

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