J916N Cows for Cambodia

Cambodia, Southeast Asia

The Situation

The northern part of Cambodia, around Siem Reap has long been a center for raising of cows but with climate change and a lack of education, the local villagers have been struggling to live beyond subsistence farming.

The Objectives

  1. Establish a cattle farming program in northern Cambodia for the purpose of loaning pregnant cows to identified families.
  2. The pregnant cow remains with the family until the calf is born. The cow remains the property of Cows for Cambodia, but the family is gifted the calf.
  3. Families will be taught agricultural practices to care for the animals and techniques for animal husbandry. The program will empower rural families to generate a sustainable income and to ultimately break the poverty cycle.The program will be expanded into neighbouring villages providing the region with a high quality and sustainable cattle-breeding program that will provide expertise and a higher standard of income.

The goal is to have 1,000 cows in the project. 900 of these cows will be housed with families that are participating in the program. The other 100 cows will reside on the charity’s farm and the calves from these cows will provide an income stream for the charity.

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