J1091N SPOONS- Hospitality Training & Internship Program (TIP), Cambodia

Cambodia, Southeast Asia

The Situation

In December 2020, EGBOK board revealed the sad yet unavoidable news that EGBOK had no choice but to bid its “final farewell” as a foreign charity. The Cambodian team immediately expressed their strong interest in continuing the EGBOK legacy as a local NGO or non-profit organization. It was always EGBOK’s vision to train the local team and offer them the opportunity to one day lead EGBOK independently.

In 2021, EGBOK Mission therefore transitions Into SPOONS Cambodia Organization. The Cambodian team have teamed up with a newly-designated local Board of Advisors comprised of both Khmer and Expat professionals, all leaders in their field and deeply invested in EGBOK’s work over the years, to continue and preserve EGBOKs positive impact on disadvantaged youth in Cambodia.

The Objectives

  1. Our first priority will be on re-opening SPOONS as a local community open-air coffee shop for young Cambodians where they will be able to study, work, socialize and interact as soon as the Covid situation improves. SPOONS café will also open its doors to other organizations and businesses as a space to organize special events where the team and EGBOK students will take care of the catering and service.
  2. The team will also continue EGBOK’s learning programs and activities, as now this is more important than ever, our current students and alumni need the organization’s support. The local team, with the help of the new Board of Advisors, are committed to:
  3. Support the current graduates in their transition to find employment and continue the programs for previous graduates, providing ongoing professional development training and workshops.
  4. Support all EGBOK students by giving them individual support when needed, meeting them on a regular basis, and providing them with current job openings from EGBOK’s existing network and partners.
  5. The team is going to continue running the “Introduction to Hospitality” course and various short courses to high school graduates and university students, as well as offer internship opportunities to other hospitality NGO students.
  6. Once SPOONS Café is up and running and providing enough income to cover the operating costs of both entities, along with needed grants and donor contributions, the team envisions a return to the original program. Where SPOONS’s work and programs will revert back to the pre-Covid era.

It will definitely take several more months and the alumni will need the team’s ongoing support through this difficult time. We would, therefore, be very grateful if you could assist us in continuing your generous support to the SPOONS Cambodia team or consider becoming a new donor if you haven’t contributed to our efforts in the past…every dollar counts and no donation is too small.

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