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J974N Fasai House Upgrade.

Thailand, Asia

Project Description

This project at Fasai House will seek to ensure Lahu children are able to be raised in safe and secure environments. It aims to address these needs by:

1)      Ensuring Fasai House meets government safety regulations so that children are provided with a safe environment and official registration is attained from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (Thailand).

  • This will involve building a sick bay/medical room and an office, implementing other fire safety requirements, and conducting fire safety training with staff and residents.

2)      Working with parents to strengthen their parenting and life skills and eventually enable children to return home to a safe environment.

  • As a part of this, the Happy Families project will conduct training with parents and/or extended families through:
    • Camps attended by parents/carers and children, allowing for social interaction and training sessions.
    • Training courses including parenting skills, drug and alcohol counselling, gambling counselling and domestic violence.
    • Home visits to ensure safety of children and to provide support and assistance for families.

3)      Providing short term crisis care accommodation for children at risk from the Lahu community

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