Stopping the Traffick

In the countries where we work and across the globe, human trafficking continues to impact the poor disproportionately. Vulnerable children, youth and adults can be ensnared under the promise of work or a better life only to find themselves trapped in a web of sexual exploitation, have their bodies used for organ trafficking or forced to work in terrible conditions as slave labour.

The prevention of such abhorrent crimes and the rehabilitation of survivors are a key focus for many of Global Development Group’s projects.

In Thailand, J858 Project Justice International is delivering much-needed anti-trafficking education in vulnerable communities with the goal of preventing exploitation. Our partners also act on information received to protect individuals in immediate risk, and rehabilitate and restore survivors.

Recognizing that education is one of the most powerful trafficking prevention tools, project J858 implements a range of interconnected programs including vocational skills training and employment of vulnerable youth, school sponsorship's and after-school tutoring, emergency relief initiatives, and facilitating a football association.

The project has hosted a Child Protection Seminar with 60 local leaders over 3 days providing case studies, educational material, data from police authorities, and methods to report suspicious behaviors. A further 55 children and youth participated in a Trafficking Prevention Awareness Youth Camp. Collaborating with Police and local authorities, successful investigation and operations have resulted in the arrest of 10 perpetrators who were sexually exploiting children.

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