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J886N LIFT’s HIV/AIDS Education and Community Development Project.

Thailand, Asia

Project Description

Life Impact Foundation, Thailand (LIFT) first started off in 1996, visiting people affected by HIV/AIDS in Thai communities. It has developed into the program it is today, which incorporates education programs and community development projects, over years of networking with local government agencies, communities,  and other NGO’s.  LIFT was registered as a Foundation in Thailand under the Department of Social Development and Human Security in 2011.

LIFT has a mission statement to try and help Orphaned Children stay “in School, In a Family, In a Community”. LIFT facilitates this through setting up Income Generation Projects for families that are affected by HIV/AIDS, so that orphaned children can stay with extended family in their local community and stay in school.”

The increase of  AIDS related orphans in Thailand has created the need to focus community development projects and micro-enterprise projects on individual families, therefore enabling the retainment of orphaned children in local communities.

Development activities include providing HIV/AIDS Education and Drug Awareness programs as well as coping skills of addressing and living with HIV so as to achieve quality of life for those affected.  This is done in local Thai schools, communities and detention centres. Wider community activities are conducted through the year to engage the local community with programs that are  being done through the local school or on special occasions such as World AIDS Day.

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