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J818N Hope Africa Life.

Africa, South Africa

Project Description

Project ‘J818N Hope Africa Life Development Project, South Africa’ operates in some of the poorest townships of Cape Town, South Africa.  The purpose of this project is to see community transformation, through capacity building processes. Utilizing a multifaceted approach through a combination of Education, Life Development, and Economic Development, this has a proven impact on personal development and community transformation.


Almost half of the 500,000 children (under 5) in the province do not have access to quality education.  Studies show that Early Childhood Development (ECD) leads to greater success at school, higher employment earnings, better overall health, lower levels of welfare dependence, and a decrease in crime and poverty levels. In light of this, and requests from the community, the project is facilitating access to high quality ECD schools within the local township communities.

Life Development:

The Life Development Process (LDP) is a holistic equipping journey for 18-30 year olds. Over the course of 9 weeks (with ongoing follow-up), students engage with different modules including:

  • Life Direction & Coaching
  • Computer Literacy
  • Math & English Literacy
  • Health & Nutrition Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • Job Placement opportunities

Economic Development:

There simply are not enough jobs in South Africa’s growing mega-cities of townships and slums. Because of this, the creation of sustainable small and micro-enterprises is essential to the sustainability of individuals and communities seeking to exit extreme poverty.

Students progress through a 4 month program, followed by the creation of their own small business with continued follow up to ensure success.  The development model contains:

  • Life Direction & Coaching
  • Business Literacy modules
  • Trade skills
  • Business development & mentoring

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