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J782N Les Pecheurs Development Project.

Madagascar, Africa

Project Description

Project J782N Les Pecheurs Development Projects in Madagascar comprises of the Micro Enterprise Training Project and the Andriampamaky Village project.

The Micro Enterprise Training project employs 3 staff and has established a high-quality micro enterprise training program at a fully equipped training facility to transform the lives of entrepreneurs and their families in the local community. Operating with a very high success rate, the project provides loans to graduates of the training program to start their own micro enterprise initiative. In order to graduate, candidates must produce a commercially viable business plan. The subsequent performance of each business is monitored on a quarterly basis and candidates receive mentoring as required. Once the loans are repaid, the funds are re-invested into new graduates continually reducing the cycle of poverty in Madagascar.

The village of Andriampamaky was specially chosen to be transformed into a ‘model village’. Working with the local community through a Community Advisory Group, this project seeks to provide the pathway for other villages to escape poverty through the implementation and provision of water supply, a medical clinic, school support services, health education, a sporting complex and large scale farming.

Through these two projects, J782N has effectively empowered and engaged local participation, improved the health and education of the community and significantly increased the capacity of the local community to improve their quality of life.

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