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J750N Direct Reach Ethiopia.

Africa, Ethiopia

Project Description

The Direct Reach Ethiopia (DRE) Project was established in 2013 to support Hope For Children Organization Ethiopia (HFCOE) to assist the region’s most marginalised and vulnerable children.  The project seeks to deliver aid directly to where it is needed most.

Children are placed with extended or transitional families and their education is supported through sponsorship. The project seeks to transform the lives of the children and their education is supplemented through:

  • An Educational Youth Centre;
  • Non-government schooling if appropriate;
  • Health and Family Planning Education
  • Child personal safety and asset protection
  • Psychological support
  • Engagement and awareness within the Community

HFCOE has nurtured hundreds of abandoned and vulnerable children whose families have suffered from the HIV/AIDS pandemic. These vulnerable young children have been encouraged to grow into empowered young adults. Many have completed tertiary education or vocational training to great effect. Many of the children who were assisted in the early days return to provide their assistance to the next generation.

The emphasis on education, especially for girls who are culturally disadvantaged, has produced very meaningful outcomes and empowered, responsible citizens willing to help those around them out of poverty.

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