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J738N Education Program in Vanuatu.

Oceania, Vanuatu

Project Description

The Education Program in Vanuatu is a development project that aims to improve the educational opportunities for disadvantaged children living on Efate and Tanna Islands in Vanuatu.

The number of educational facilities and trained educators in Vanuatu is desperately low. The project has around 600 children attending the education program, across 6 schools.

Capacity building is a significant focus of the project, through the provision of teaching and training of the 50 local staff members. The programs unique ‘home schooling’ curriculum enables educated local adults to teach within their native language group, strengthening local community participation and engagement in the project. The project’s end goal is to develop these identified local staff into becoming capable managers and leaders so that full local ownership of the program can be taken, without the need of external oversight.

Community education programs are also run, providing training programs on basic health and hygiene, nutrition, the advantages of education, computing skills, and literacy advancement. These programs are designed to address social issues that are prevalent amongst the beneficiary communities.

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