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J698N Kantolomba Development Project.

Africa, Zambia

Project Description

The Kantolomba Development Project is an education-focused development project located in the western part of Ndola, Zambia’s third largest city. The goal is to see the mortality rate decrease in the community through teaching sustainable living practices, together with education on the prevention of HIV.

The project utilises education as a means of empowerment for the beneficiary community and to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in Kantolomba village. HIV/AIDS awareness, tolerance and prevention education is a key part of the project’s education programs. Many of the beneficiaries are children orphaned by or come from families severely impacted by the HIV/AIDS virus.

In addition to the state curriculum, students will be given access to and taught computing skills which are very sort after across the developing African continent.  The project also addresses the issue of high unemployment rates in the community through providing employment opportunities at the school.  In the long term both the school program and the adult empowerment workshops will all contribute to enhancing the skill development within the community and increasing the job prospects of those involved.

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