A Boxer’s Quest for Gold at Sunrise

Chanvotey is the youngest daughter of her parents, a motorbike taxi driver and a housekeeper. She has attended Sunrise Cambodia’s Traditional Boxing classes for the past 4 years. And she is very good. At the SEA Games held in Cambodia in May 2023, Chanvotey won the gold medal for her category, an incredible achievement!

Global Development Group’s J1075N Sunrise Cambodia project runs a residential centre for at-risk children and youth. Children from neighbouring villages like Chanvotey, also join in the education and sports programs, building friendships and connections. The program provides a high standard of education including extra-curricular activities for the students through to university studies or vocational training.

Sunrise Cambodia recognises that sport can be transformative in the lives of the children, promoting their physical, emotional, and social well-being, while also providing opportunities for personal growth and a brighter future.

In March, Meena Benjamin, Project Officer for Cambodia along with GDG’s Greg Cadman and Jordan Brayley monitored the project. The team were impressed with the programs, and happy to see the children’s committee and PSEAH being implemented with evidence of follow-through and regular training.

As for Chanvotey’s future, she was recently offered a job with the Ministry of National Defence in Cambodia, a dream opportunity. “I am so excited and very proud of myself, and my life has changed a lot! I can get income to support my family to pay for bank loans”. “But,” she says, “I have a dream to be a flight attendant too”. With the support of her family and Sunrise Cambodia, we are confident Chanvotey will continue winning gold in whatever path she chooses.

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