Dreams Come True with Medical Scholarships

People-centred development often requires long-term thinking, and many of our projects are now seeing the fruits of their commitment to the same community and beneficiaries being realised.

(Left image) Project J515 Awareness Cambodia has partnered with Global Development Group since 2008 for child wellbeing, education and medical programs; and more recently in 2014 the medical scholarships program commenced. The project provides medical students who were otherwise unable to afford their education with a home, tuition, and mentoring by doctors and Australian specialists.

(Right Image) Raised by a single mum in a rural community, Nita was a dedicated student whose dream of becoming a doctor was out of reach until she received a medical scholarship. Now, working in a clinic 48 hours a week, interning at the Paediatric Hospital and managing her ongoing studies towards a specialty in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Nita is an example of how targeted support of a passionate individual can pay valuable dividends for society.

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