J189 Banjara India

India, Indian Subcontinent

The Situation

The Banjara girls come from an ethnic tribal group that view girls as a curse on the family, particularly if the girl happens to be the first-born. In some parts of India girls are perceived to have no worth and are considered inferior. They often have no future in their communities, with many girls still being killed at birth. These girls are also at risk of being sold into prostitution or slavery as domestic labourers.

The Objectives

1.    The Banjara India is a holistic care and community capacity-building development project operating in Hyderabad, India. The project aims to reverse the effects of the negative views that the girls have lived with since birth.

2.    The project aims to build the capacity of over 100 girls from the Banjara tribe through free education and creating an environment of empowerment. The girls are taught a variety of subjects including English and computer skills. This educational program will assist the girls in their development into adulthood, providing them with the education and skills necessary to find future employment after completing their schooling.

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