J1186N Sofala Piggery Project

Mozambique, Africa

The Situation

Mozambique is among the ten poorest countries in Africa, with subsistence farming employing the vast majority of workers. Yet population growth is high, with 45% of the population younger than 15years. So these young Mozambicans are going to need plenty of protein, to grow up big and strong and take their country forward. GDG has partnered with a start-up piggery just outside of Dondo, Sofala (Dondo Venture Piggery) to provide agriculture training to the most vulnerable. Also as a graduation gift, each trainee will receive opportunity to begin or supplement their own herd with a starter pack of piglets or chickens as their circumstances permit. More livestock, better cared for, means more income potential, and food security for some of the most vulnerable citizens in the world.

The Objectives

  • Upskill locals in both animal husbandry and horticulture
  • Set up graduates for success
  • Become the local source of agricultural stock, increasing food security

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