J1065N Rural Wash for Women Laos

Laos, Southeast Asia

The Situation

In recent years, Laos has made significant progress in improving water access and basic sanitation throughout the country. However, safely managed pipe water system access continues to be a challenge in rural Laos, where 60% of the population resides. Thrive/EMW aims to improve access to piped water systems in partnership with the Department of Water Supply under the Ministry of Public Works and Transport; as well as Oudomxay Province, Luang Prabang Province, Xayabury Province and Vientiane Public Works and Transport through the PPP model implemented under Women-led Output-based Aid (WOBA) program, whereby Provincial Water Utility State Enterprises are incentivized to invest in the water sector. Through partnership with GDG and The Spellbrook Foundation Fund, Thrive/East Meets West Foundation Laos plans to build piped water systems, pipe extensions and deliver clean water access to 12,000 people, in 36 villages of 4 provinces from 2024-2028. Thrive also aim to provide community hygiene and sanitation training to 36 villages, and hygiene campaigns and school latrines for at least 50 schools.

The Objective

  1. To improve access to clean water to communities in Luang Prabang through piped water systems - pumped from the Mekong river.
  2. Strengthening local capacities, fostering partnerships with local government.
  3. To improve water access and hygiene practice in primary schools through provision of education and hygiene kits.  
  4.  To improve the school environment, making it cleaner and safer for the students and increases concept and knowledge of student in finance through waste management.

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