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China, Asia

The Situation

In Henan, China, children with special needs have historically been orphaned due to their physical and medical conditions (eg. congenital birth defect, cleft lip/palate, congenital heart disease, spina bifida, clubfoot, missing or extra fingers/toes, birthmarks). In part, they are orphaned due to the stigma surrounding special needs, the high cost of medical treatments their families could not afford, or simply due to a lack of understanding about their specific needs.


New Hope Foundation is a capacity-building development project, caring for orphaned infants and children with special physical and medical needs. It is aimed at improving the quality of health services given to these children with the goal of providing them with greater life opportunities in the future, including potential adoption. New Hope Foundation has cared for over 2,800 children to date and has 100 children currently in care.

The Objectives

  1. To provide specialised care, medical treatment and surgery for children with special physical or medical conditions while providing a secure and caring home environment.
  2. Work closely with the local Child Welfare Institutes to seek out the very best medical solutions.
  3. The project works closely with local government departments, trains local staff in basic pediatric nursing methods based upon New Hope Foundation guidelines, and provides specialized trauma-informed care for orphaned children with special needs.

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